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14th June 2008

Opening A and Position 1

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Two things first before you start doing string figures. You need to know what Opening A and Position 1 is. For most string figures you will use Opening A to start with. First position 1 is when you put the string on your thumb and pinkie so there is a straight string going over your three fingers, and behind your thumb and pinkie. Do this to both hands to have Position 1. Opening A is when you take your index finger and pull it through the palmer string and put it on the back of the finger and pull it out. Then do that same thing to the other hand.

I have created a YouTube video.

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  1. 1 On June 14th, 2008, Elizabeth Helfant said:

    This is really cool! I am looking forward to learning some string tricks from you and sharing them with my own kids! I also have a couple of 4th grade students who like to do both strings and cup stacking. I’m thinking I’ll share your site with them.

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